May 31, 2011

[ Prisila ]

I'm so happy excited crazy dizzy

So I got something AHMAZING in the maill


A legit Prisila wig!!
And the price was amazing, I'm so happy

I first heard about this online shop from Cheesie
Then I knew I HAD to buy something from then once I checked out there website.
When I found out they had two tone wigs for such amazing prices, I had had had to buy at least one

(product picture)

( pic of kumicky not of actual wig )
She's so cute even though she looks like this girl I dislike
+ I love her two tone hair in this pic ~

Some camwhoreing of me in my new wig ~ *** yeyeyeyy

(it's kind of really messy, cause i fell asleep with it on, BUT STILL GOOD, loll )

Communication with them was great, they put up with my impatient self, explained everything, totalled everything up, very friendly as well.

The product itself is amazing. The wig has a realistic look to it,
(not plasticy and ghetto)
and is a lot lighter than my other cheaper wigs,
which is really good considering the hot weather we've been having.

The wig doesn't shed insanely, which is also very good and avoid very awkward moments
(You'd be amazed at the amount of STRANGERS that just come up to me and touch my wig without asking)
The colour is so gorg, especially the two tone, I love it, it's subtle but not too subtle
It's perfectt!! ~

Overall, I had a great experience with minimaos. I would definitely buy from them again
Especially seeing as they have amazing prices for gyaru goods!! ~ **

Until next time (: !

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