Dec 30, 2010

[ NeiNey plz ]

ok, so I went out to kensignton to drool over this jacket
That I can't afford or anything
But I'm madly in love with it

Then miraculously ~ lol christmas
I got enough money to buy it, so I did!
and now I'm the proud owner of this gorgeous NeiNey jacket that can't fit over my boobs dem.

I still plan on wearing it everywhere regardless!
One thing I noticed about it is how against animal cruelty this label is
20% of my money went to the SCAPC
long acrynym for saving animals from getting skinned in china
Which I of course think is wrong.
However, if this label had used animal furs
I probably still would of bought it
like I don't want to be killing cats and dogs
But i'm a sucker for fur, real & fake.
Plz don't hate, haha

I've been thinking about this for a while now
Seeing as I do want to go into the fashion industry
and ideally I'd like to make my own garments with fur
 honestly, if I enjoyed real to fake fur, I'd probably go for it.

Anyways. I'm glad this garment was made without harming any animals
And in the future prevents cute little puppies & kitties from being skinned
But yeah, one up for Chanel
And two hundred down for my wallet. Ugh.

More info cause my explinations fail?

+ They have tons of other really cute garments,
everyone should deff check it out ; D

[ * Outfit Post * ]

Kay, so I'm trying this thing where I dress down
But not too much that I feel lame
But enough that my boss wont be all
"Chanel... go change"

I found it was pretty casual
& cute

& I straightened my blond wig,
Cause I saw Wendi do it to hers and I was all "HEY THAT'S CUTE!"
woooooo it took forever
~ I also really love the colour, my mom says it blends

But uhm yeah
I've also lost a lot of weight

I got ddr for christmas so now I'm on it everyday
I actually finished the game (didn't know that was possible) in 3 days
And now I'm not as fat and able to wear my new NeiNey jacket with ease

WHICH I will be doing a post on soon *
Cause that's just a whole lot of new story.
Anyways ~

~ Rly

Ok, I should really consider posting more often
I know I know, once again Chanel really?
ugh ~ I'm deff not a blog person

Anyways! A lot has happened lately
so much nonsense woooo

So tutorial first? OK
I made this a long time ago haha, I just well yeah never got around to it
So yeah the long awaited

Dun dun dunnnn

For all those people who are all
"Oh chanel you skin so nice and smooth"

I was all on asiajam creeping the forums ~ as usual
and came across instructions on making an aspirin mask
and of course I wanted to try it! Cause like I love putting random shizz on my face!!

A lot of girls who did this mask however, said that it didn't work, or they broke out
So I did, and now my face is & always is soft like a babies bottom
how is it done?!

* Aspirin (non coated)
* Honey
* Water
* some sort of container or plate or bowl to put it in
* Time & the ability not to mess it up!!

Take a plate or bowl ~ or whatever you want to use and put two uncoated pills of aspirin on eet!

Wet your fingers, or whatever and drop two droplets of water on the pills so that they soften
if you need to add more ~ it's cool, but don't make it watery, it needs to turn into a powder
And I find some chunky bits are ok, so don't kill your fingers.


Now it's time to add the honey!
I'm not really too sure how much to add ( lol )
But enough that it's not too thick, but not too runny
so start off with a little & go from there:

The mix it alll up!!

Put it on your face!
- Now I didn't take pics of it on my face cause I don't want to scare you lol
but make sure to get it all over your face, and thick coats!!
It will smell bad I promise. haha ~ it's really gross too
& be careful not to get it in your hair, cause that's not fun either
And leave it on your face for 15 minutes ~ or longer if you really need it LOL
( I'm so bad with tutorials )

Don't you put it in your mouth! Or you'll die.
haha wash it off!
make sure not to miss any parts, get you face all nice and shiny
And finish with a gentle moisturizer
NO NEUTROGENA SHIZZ, that stuff will kill your skin just sayin'
& Don't put on toner or anything,
unless you want a party on your face.
AND TA - DA ! ~

-> Yeah & no pics of my face,
I look like a twelve year old without makeup, SO SRS

Nov 30, 2010

[ ♥ ]


And I really don't want to
Because I don't want to be like everyone else
Who claims to feel the same feelings
I don't understand them myself
I'm still new at this
Please don't misunderstand


Way more often than I should
You're always on my mind


So we can spend time together
Create memmories that we'll have forever
But until then I'm


Nov 12, 2010

[ Life, haaa ]

Things are wayy too rushed
I feel like I have no time to really get things done
Or think about what needs to be done
Most of the time, I'm not even aware of what needs to be done
It's crazy.

I wish I had time to breathe.

I've been presented with way too much information
and had only a few minutes to digest it
 then had to go on with my life

Do I really know what I want to do?
Do I really know what I want in life?
Is this me, or who I think I am?

Will i be able to be a success?
To make people proud?

Plans that I made
That I've worked so hard to go through with
Should I cancel them?
Should I go through with them?

People I've met
Do I really know them?
Are they really my friends?
What do they really want from me?

I have no time to think it over
And I don't want to jump to conclusions

I'm not sure what to do.

Sep 26, 2010

[ Outfit Post ☆ ]

I usually never post these,
Cause I usually never have any good shots of my outfit
And I don't want to go up to like someone and be all
"Hey take a picture of my awesome outfit cause I'm awesome"

So I usually end up using my mirror

Maybe one day I'll get someone to take pics of me

I wore this on the first day of Japanese school,
[ That was a greattt dayyy ! ]

It's Chanel Casual
( meaning it's not casual for the average person but for me it is )
Andd yah, don't know what else to say or how else to brag

Sep 9, 2010

[ Blogging Bloger ]

I'm never in the mood to post on here
I always go " oh hey this is so great I have an idea for a great post"
Then I never post anything!
or I go "ugh maybe later!"

I think it's so weird that now I'm in co-op
stresed out at home
living out of my Betsey Johnson laptop bag
looking for new living arrangements
unable to complete my portfolio
unable to pay my phone billl!!
Broke as hell an unable to go to work
Just spent 200$ on a wireless modem for my mom
~ and no she's not paying me back

Now, out of all the times I've had
from when I started this blog till now
is when I choose to post things

But there are some positives
loll at the corn I swear, I'm like hippie lately
I blame Brian 100%

But I know things will turn around
And no matter how stressed out I am
And how broke I may be
I'm still the most stylish kid you've never met ; D

So if you want to send me cash feel free to do so < 3
I'll be whoreing out soon hahaa

Sep 8, 2010

[ Gyaru ? ]

Ok, so before I go into my little speech about this
I would like to establish that
I do not consider myself "gyaru" or any other Japanese street style trend
The reason why my blog is named Shaneru Gyaru is because i'm a girl
Gyaru -> Gal -> Girl
lol no that's legit not why I named it that
But I do have a general intrest in Gyaru trends
Along with many other things
So yah

I'm a lurker ~ always have been always will be
And I always find myself going on E_G (Everyday Gyaru)
And sometimes Ricoche ( RARELY )
There's always those cute girls who post things like
" I'm new at gyaru, someone help me!" and shizz like that
And it always makes me happy to see other members of the community
( veterns I guess you can call them )
Help them out

It's always made me feel like
"oh hey, maybe I can post things, I'm not thatt horrible looking"
- lol whose kidding I'm a gremlin -

I was recently reallyyyy close to posting something
Then I remembered "Gal Secrets"
I guess the shady part of the whole "gyaru online community"
Cause legit if everyone where to meet real gyaru's they'd be wayyy nicer
And it wouldn't be like bad episode of degrassi

I'm not gonna lie, alot of the "secrets" do make me laugh
Cause I'm not the nicest person
But some of them are just so outrageous

There is something called constructive critism,
but it doesn't mean you should bash on someone
There's all this nonsense on how fat people shouldn't be gyaru
Sorry but I think fat people are allowed to wear clothes
Clothes they like, clothes that reflect their personality
If you're gyaru at heart, and you can find clothes that are gyaru

And I know all of you westeners refer to your vivi, popsister, and all that jazz
But have you ever seen legit Japanese street fashion?
The amazing mixture of fabrics and textures
The awesome draping technique that many japanese people are just blessed with
And the fact that the people who created gyaru
Those teens chilling down the street
all had different sizes and shapes?
like not all nihonjins are skinny, just saying.

And the whole "SHE'S NOT REAL GYARU"
like honestly, neither are you
It's just like the whole Ulzzang thing
Neither are you
Are you nihonjin? NO
Do you buy legit nihonjin clothing? probably not a lot
Do you have nihonjin wig? NO
You're all of westerners
including you western asians ~
If you really want to talk about TRUE this and TRUE that

I don't want to hate on the haters
But like seriously

Help someone if you see them failing at dressing themselves
putting them down is not nessesary
Yah, it might make you feel better about yourself
but in the end
It's wrong manggg
Treat others the way you want to be treated LOL

I'm just a fan of fashion
It's my life,
I spend hours upon hours studying Japanese street fashion
Fashion is an amazing thing
It brings people together to share common intrests
Don't let this gyaru thing tear you apart
It's supposed to bring you closer


Jul 24, 2010

[ PACT fashion 2010 Grad ]

( This is part of my catching up )

I joined this program called PACT
Basically it's a place where we'd go and design a prom dress for someone in need
haha needing a prom dress!
And then we'd make it with our amazing teacher Irene Stickney
I'm bad at explaining
Want more information?
check it out
[ ]

I remember the first day I went
I was worried about it the whole time
I had looked up the address the night before
And it said it was a closed down rug store
So I was like "oh my gosh, what did I get myself into?"

So I traveled there after school, which took a lifetime and a half
Then I went to look for this rug shop
I walked down the street and there were these old men that were yelling at me
some nonsense like that
And nearby there was a gentleman's club
That looked wayyy too sketchy for my liking
On top of that, because of my amazing on time habits, I was early
And not wanting to be the first person there and endure the awkwardness that would occur
I went for a walk to kill 30 minutes

And then it started to rain!! SO GREAT ];
Gosh, then finally, I found the store
I had walked by it a million times wondering "where the rugs at?"
It was this pretty vintage clothing store, with amazing clothes at amazing prices
The staff there all dressed awesome too

I felt pretty uncomfortable
I was wet and carrying around my school bag and lost
Then this kind lady was all
"go downstairs! they're waiting for you!"

So I went down the insanely steep stairs into the basement to be amazed with amazement
It was like I had stepped into the manga Paradise Kiss
( If you don't know it, read it, it's the greatest manga ever )

There were images of haute couture decked upon the walls!
sewing machines everywhere, sergers, garments
A Judy!!
And everyone had arrived ahead of me

I was introduced to everyone
some people didn't have any experience with machines at all
But they all worked hard and did amazing jobs!

The next week we were given the game plans

We came up with sketches and fabric swatches
We were all a little nervous at first because the fabric was pretty bold
But no one said anything, we kept our trust in Irene and Jeanette
We knew they'd do something awesome

weeks past, and our progressed moved smoothly
Before we knew it we had hit our deadline
And the dress was completed

The beautiful Danielle ( the recipient of the dress )
Walked in, strutting the garment we all worked hard on
We were all amazed
Firstly, she looked amazing!
Secondly, to know that something we made together
Even though we were worried about the fabric
Even though we thought we had made major mistakes in the sewing of the bust
(that was the most difficult part!)
The dress before us looked far beyond anything we could ever make
We were so proud, proud beyond words
On top of that we were visited by the Star newspaper
We were all interviewed and had our pictures taken

We were also given certificates of completion.
And were given food!! Good food
(Special thanks to Irene's mom)

It was an amazing experience, one that went by really fast
But I gained a lot of knowledge
And I met some amazing people that I know have and will continue to help me in the future
I'm so happy to be a part of something so amazing
I will never forget this.

[ Epic Day ]

( This is part of my catching up )

For all who don't know, I'm madly in love with Miyavi
His music is pretty pro, though I don't listen to it much
And he's uber talented
(As well as uber HOT )
And as some of you may know, he came to Toronto
Yes, my hometown ; D

So of course I had to go and see my husband [:

This is how the crazy research began
I looked up pictures on the web of Miyavi's different tattoos
And if you know him, he has a hell of a lot of them!
All very sexy
But I made it my goal to mark up my body with them [:
And I achieved that goal, yes I did!

Though some of them are inaccurate, I tried my best
And I'm glad I did [:

I also went out of my way to do my hair all epic in his style,
makeup, and get a new outfit
Just for my Miyavi

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any pictures in the venue
(They took my camera and took out the batteries!)
Butt it was an amazing night
I yelled like crazy,
and I know he heard me because it was when the whole place was dead quiet
I made hand gestures telling him to come closer
And he did, so he must of saw me at the front waving at him
He threw water on us! I really didn't want to shower after that ]:
I also had a moment where I tried to show him as many tats of his that I had
And he looked at me and smiled
and I knew it was me because I was wearing incredibly high boots that blocked everyone behind me
And EVERYONE was behind me xD

"What's my name?"
"What's my fucking name!!!???"
"Where am I from?!"
He swore so much, it was amazing,
He's so cute, it was just
indescribable, and I know he noticed me!
Which makes me even more happy

That was a good night

[ The Red Tea Box ]

( This is part of my catching up )

So a while ago me and some friends journeyed downtown

And we went to the Red Tea Box

A friend of mine told me about it
And I fell in love, so we HAD to go, cause I said so

I'm surprised I have friends sometimes

The place is amazing!!

they served us melon water, which was like amazing to me
Because I never knew honeydew melon could add so much flavour to water!
We only got the lunch bentos ( mainly because we were hungry )
But they have AMAZING desert bentos and they pair it with teas that are just so perfect together
It's so cute and pretty, I recommend everyone go

It's 696 Queen Street West (Queen street west and Bathurst )
For all you Torontonians!
But beware, it's a small place and they only allow groups of six!

It's just soo perfect,
and I really want to have a lollita tea party there!
Have to put that on my list of things to do before I die la~


[ Anime North 2010 ]

( Yes this is part of my catching up )

As some of you may or may not know
I'm a hugeee otaku, like everything Akibahara and shizz cho banchabancha
So I was given the awesomee opportunity to work as a maid in a maid cafe at anime north!!
You have no idea how happy I was to be selected out of however many applied ( xD )
It was so much fun, getting to learn the dances, seeing the maid outfits
And meeting the other maids~ !
They were all very nice, which was surprising
Because pretty people generally aren't nice ~ like me lol
But they were so it was like WOW YAH SO AMAZING
I also got to buy a petticoat!!
( to put under my maid outfit )
But I deff wear it under everything now x3

When the day finally came I was incredibly nervous
everyone else was all calm, practicing our dances and greetings
and I was breathing heavily, getting butterflies,

But when we got out there
and mune mune kyun started playing
I was in THE ZONE
I maid'ed it up! xD
I was so proud too! My friends also came to support me
( thanks guys )
And they also turned out to be the first table I served
( even better cause I'm HORRIBLE at talking to people )

This is one of those things that will be with me forever
And was a great experience!
I'm so happy

one thing off of my list of things to do before I die ~ hahaa

my friends dressed up ~ so cuteee

Hime gyaru ^^ So cuteee